The Missing Town

The Portal Investigators Series

A new portal opens. 
What has it let in?

Front doors left wide open. Nail marks down hallways. Empty beds. A town of innocent people are gone.

But for one little boy.

Dr. Natalie Kyle planned to investigate the portal. Illegally. 

She doesn’t expect to find a child that needs help...

…Or a mind-bending threat watching from the shadows.

Her only help, a rough around the edges portal contractor, who has seen too much and drinks too much. Can she even trust him to do the right thing? 

Cut off from help. It’s up to Natalie and Will to put aside their differences, stay alive and save the town from a fate worse than death. 

But is it already too late? 

You’ll love this Science Fiction mystery because of its strange twists and turns. 

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The Mercury Sisters Series Book One

This planet has a deadly secret…

…Zelda’s secret is worse.

It’s been a month since the Mercury sister’s parents went missing. They’ve been left alone, on a overgrown planet that wants to kill them. 

Forced to abandon their home, the sisters head towards the last human settlement.

But in the Wilds of Burs there is more than just strange creatures looking for a meal. And they are going to need more than just swords and arrows. There’s a secret here, one that nobody understands. A secret that could kill them and take the planet down too.

Zelda can feel it. There’s a connection growing in her mind to something dark. Can she get her sisters to believe her before it’s too late?

Can she save her sisters from the Wild and herself?

You’ll love this unique fantasy novel because of its heart and strange mystery.

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Book 2 coming in 2019!


Monty is a wild but kind androgynous drifter, chasing after the wonder in the regular. But trying to live without ties to anything, proves to be a hard philosophy to hold up, especially now that Monty is home in Melbourne after running off six months earlier.

In one autumn night filled with cigarettes, offbeat friends and house fires. Monty must choose to tackle their painful past or keep running from themselves and everyone that cares.

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