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The Mercury Sisters Series Book One

The Mercury sisters haven’t seen their parents in weeks. When a beast invades their isolated farmhouse, the sisters are forced to abandon it and seek out the last human settlement on their planet, Burs. 

All seventeen-year-old Zelda wants is to get her four sisters safely to the Walls. But with only a few small weapons and a hand drawn map, Zelda soon discovers that their parents knew nothing about the secrets of this strange planet. With unnervingly intelligent beasts lurking around every corner and plants that seem to come alive when the girls get too close, the sisters have a lot to learn if they want to survive in the Wild.

Despite Zelda’s protests, her sisters form an unlikely alliance. Despite the insistence of her older sister Tam, Zelda grows more and more suspicious of these creatures. Meanwhile, her younger sister Rar grows wilder in their presence, not to mention the two youngest sisters, Mye and Xandy, who don’t even know that they should be afraid in the first place.

As the planet of Burs grows more dangerous by the day, Zelda is forced to come face to face with herself if they ever want to reach the Walls.

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Monty is a wild but kind androgynous drifter, chasing after the wonder in the regular. But trying to live without ties to anything, proves to be a hard philosophy to hold up, especially now that Monty is home in Melbourne after running off six months earlier.

In one autumn night filled with cigarettes, offbeat friends and house fires. Monty must choose to tackle their painful past or keep running from themselves and everyone that cares.

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